Theosophy, or the Divine Knowledge as we prefer to call it, is very abstract and abstruse too. It is something that cannot be communicated in words. What one can do is only to communicate some ‘knowledge about theosophy.’ In her preface to the enlightening book ‘The Key to Theosophy’, Madame Blavatsky in clear terms expresses thus:

“This is only a key to unlock the door that leads to the deeper study.

“That it should succeed in making theosophy intelligible without mental effort on the part of the reader, would be too much to expect.

“To the mentally lazy or obtuse, Theosophy must remain a riddle; for in the world as in the world spiritual each man must progress by his own efforts. The writer cannot do the reader’s thinking for him, nor would the latter be any the better off if such vicarious thought were possible.”

Yet the book includes information as to the meaning of the term, its relationship with other branches of human study and the matter/manner of living the life for a better future. There also is a definite statement about the “Theosophical Masters”, and how this data is “abused” by some.

“In the first place They are living men, born as we are born, and doomed to die like every other mortal. — We were the first to talk and to make the fact of existence in the East of “Adepts” and “Masters” and Occult knowledge known,” she asserts in the penultimate chapter of the book.

A preliminary understanding in Theosophy will be the result for a reader of the   book .


To begin with, the fusion of Science and Religion is necessary. Immortality of the soul can be easily proved as a problem of Euclid – this is what Blavatsky says to be the lesson she obtained from the Adepts of the East.

The Theosophical Movement is an experiment which the Great Ones have propelled, moved by their noticing the readiness of intellectuals in absorbing certain new ideas, which would eventually make them advance to the region of Intuition. Some see it as the precursor of the New Age – in the scheme of continuous advancement in Human thought.

Real Founders have great concern for the ‘regeneration of spiritual ideas/upspring in India’; to its taking the lead once again in transmitting the ‘flaming spiritual concepts’ to the world-at-large and this is clear from their first letters to A O Hume and A P Sinnett.

T Subba Row’s letter to Blavatsky about the currency of ‘Occultism in South India’ and further contacts afforded by him need a careful study. The contacts HPB made with the Yogis and Scholars, particularly one at Varanasi with Maa-ji  – have formed the needed firm foundation in making the early plans and programs of the Society.

Among many changes she brought about in the contemporary consciousness, as well as to the future generations is that of (1) re-establishing the Master-Disciple relationship; (2) the restatement of connectivity of Humanity with the Absolute through its several differentiations  — are of perennial value. They need much focus and reflective attention today in popularizing the philosophical ideas (hypotheses) into the day-to-day working system (reality).


Theosophical Association gives a free and open choice to the Intellectuals.

Look at the following statements of HPB and the Masters:

‘No one else’s opinion should be considered superior to the voice of one’s own conscience. Let that conscience, therefore, develop to its highest degree, guide us in all the ordinary acts of life. As to the conduct of our inner life, let us concentrate our entire attention on the ideal we have set ourselves, and look beyond, without paying the slightest attention to the mud upon our feet. Those who are capable of making this effort are the true Theosophists; all others are but members, more or less indifferent, and very often useless.’

(Collected Writings, vol.xi, p.135)

‘Once a student abandons the old trodden highway of routine, and enters upon the path of independent thought-God-ward- he is a Theosophist, an original thinker, a seeker after the eternal truth, with ‘an inspiration of his own’ to solve the universal problems.’                                                              (Coll. Wr. Vol.ii, p.102)

‘One of the first proofs of self-mastery is when one shows that he can be kind and forbearing and genial with companions of the most dissimilar characters and temperaments . One of the strongest signs of retrogression when one shows  that he expects others to like what he likes and act as he acts.  (Coll. Wr. Vol.viii, p.450)

‘Intentions and kind words count for little with us. Deeds are what we want and demand.                                 (Letter no. 4, p.87, Letters of Masters of Wisdom, vol.i)

‘It is the esoteric philosophy alone, the spiritual and psychic blending of man with Nature, that, by revealing fundamental truths, can bring that much desired mediate state between the two extremes of human Egotism and divine Altruism, and finally lead to the alleviation of human suffering.                    (ibid. vol.ii, Lr.82)

‘There is purpose in every important act of Nature, whose acts are all cyclic and periodical.                                                                                                  (S.D. vol.i, p.640)

‘It is not that Spirit dwells in Matter, but Matter which clings temporarily to Spirit, and the latter alone is eternal, imperishable abode for all things visible and invisible. (Isis,I,p.428) Matter is as eternal and indestructible as Spirit and one cannot be made cognizant to our senses without the other – even to our highest spiritual sense.’                                                                                       (Coll.Wr.iv, p.297)

One can find such very scintillating thoughts on any page of theosophical writings. What needed is that one has to intuitively explore further, using the thoughts as Spring-board.



Madame Blavatsky is the person who re-introduced the Ideas of Master, Disciple into the modern world and the inseparable relationship among them (similar to that of Absolute and the Universes). She also maintained that this idea is ‘revival’ in the East and the first in West. While she made very many descriptive statements on the Masters and the Disciple’s relationship with them, the following stands bright and more revealing as to the advanced status of the Master on the ladder of Evolution.

“A Mahatma is a personage, who, by special training and education, has evolved those higher faculties and has attained that spiritual knowledge, which ordinary humanity acquire after passing through numerous series of incarnations during the process of cosmic evolution, provided, of course, that they do not go, in the meanwhile, against the purposes of Nature and thus bring to their own annihilation.”

The ‘obligatory pilgrimage (mentioned in the third fundamental proposition), possibility of ‘reincarnation’,  need for obtaining ‘spiritual knowledge’, working against the nature and inviting a sort of punishment and all those revealing ideas are implied in this seemingly casual and simple statement. An aspirant needs do a lot of ‘home work’ to come to a reasonably good understanding of the essentials.

What was revealed by her on the topic of ‘helping the humanity’ through the royal way of ‘discipleship’ can be studied profitably and effectively. This will dovetail into the study of ‘cosmic evolution’ too.


In her preliminary survey to the historical factors concerning the Occult Lore, HPB says the following:

The majority of ‘Mankind hates to think for itself.’ It hesitates ‘to step for a moment outside the old well-beaten tracks, judging for itself, to enter into a new path in some fresh direction.’ Many ‘have never gone to the trouble for themselves on the most important and tremendous problems of man’s inner nature.’

For the student of Occult Lore, white or Divine Magic could no more exist in Nature without its counter-part, Black magic. For him everything in that Nature has an Occult – a bright and a night – side to it.

The real truth is that Magic is still in full sway amidst mankind, however blind the latter to its silent presence and influence on its member, however ignorant society may be, and remains, to its daily and hourly beneficent and maleficent effects.

The true student of Magic, well aware of the truth, looks on in pity, and, if he be wise, keeps Silent.

She sums up to say:

The fact was known to the whole ancient world, and the knowledge of it has survived in the East, in India especially.

The Guardians of the Sacred Lore ‘are living, actually existing men’. ‘It is their philosophy that will have to stand or fall upon its own merits, apart from, and independent of any Adepts’.

The endeavor of the Theosophical movement is to create a set of thinkers, original and truthful; and ultimately ‘a new kind of humanity’ to benefit all in the set direction of the Divine Plan.                        (Preliminary Survey: p. 37 &50)