Indian Section is organizing a special three day camp on 23-24-25 FEB. 2019 at the TS Headquarters in Varanasi.

  2. ii) The delegates will not just be attending the Study/Lecture/Group discussion BUT IN ADDITION, there will be sessions of Awareness Meditation/ Meditative Enquiry/ Silence/ Selfless Service.

iii) All delegates may plan to arrive by 22.02.19 Noon so that they can attend a Debriefing meeting and Introduction on the 22.02.19 around 5-7PM in the Headquarter Hall. The camp fees include charges starting from 22.02.19 Lunch till 26.02.19 Breakfast.

  1. iv) To stay before or after the camp dates, permission must be sought BEFOREHAND. Any extra stay will be subject to availability and will be charged separately.
  2. v) This camp is an effort to build a conducive environment to help bring about a qualitative change within oneself and make Brotherhood a reality in our daily life. Those who are willing to do this, may apply.
  3. vi) Limited seats. Registration will be on “First Pay First Serve” basis. The accommodation will be arranged in Suryashram (1350/-) and Sudarshan (1150/-) buildings.

vii) After depositing the fees, Kindly inform your Expected Date & Time of Arrival & Return and Contact number via email to TS, Varanasi for better arrangements. Email:

viii) Members who want to attend the camp should remit the amount given above latest by 15.02.19 by cheque or transfer in the name of Indian Section, Theosophical Society, Varanasi in Vijaya Bank, SB A/c No. 718301010005045, IFSC Code VIJB0007183.

  1. ix) Members having any physical problem and requiring any special attention should write to us about it along with the application.
  2. x) For any further information, kindly contact:-

Bro. ShikharAgnihotri, Facilitator of the camp, at 9839912070(calling);  8840926268(Whatsapp). Regarding Accommodation, Bro. Raj Kumar Pandey at 8687764344, Regarding accounts, Bro. A.N.Singh 9935395712