1. From 16th-18th June 2018: Bro.N C Krishna, National Lecturer will conduct study class at UTF Hall, BBSR
      The book for study is “The study in consciousness” written by Annie Besant.

    3. U.P. Federation is organizing the following programme at Lucknow: A study camp on “Mystic Experiences- Tales of Yoga and Vedanta from the Yogavasishtha” on 16-17 June 2018 Members of U.P. Federation and also of other Federations are welcome to participate in the study camp. The persons coming from outside Lucknow will be provided board and lodging from 15 June A.N. to 18 June morning for which each such participant will pay a contribution of Rs.300/- to the lodge official on arrival at Lucknow. Members willing to participate in the afore-mentioned camp may inform his/her name to any of the following contact persons latest by 05 June, 2018. Bro. Vipul Narayan- Secretary, Satyamarg Lodge, Lucknow, Mob. No. 9415864998 Bro. Rajesh Gupta—Treasurer, Dharma Lodge, Lucknow, Mob. No. 9839258138 Bro. Shikhar Agnihotri– Secretary, Pragya Lodge, Lucknow, Mob. No. 9839912070

    5. From 6-8th July 2018 study class on “Bhagavad Gita in the perspective of Theosophy” by Bro. Narasimha Thakeriya., National Lecturer in the premises of Utkal Federation Bhubaneswar Odisha India.

    7. From 3-6th August 2018 Study class on” The Pathway to Perfection” written by Jeoffrey Hodson.The class will be conducted by Bro.U S Pandey, National Lecturer in the premises of Utkal Federation Bhubaneswar Odisha India.

    9. From 7-8 July 2018 Study Class on ” Human Regeneration” written Dr Radha Burnier. The class will be conducted by Brother Pradip Mahapatra JT General Secretary in the premises of BTS hall Kolkata West Bengal.