Dr N C Ramanujachary

Sri Shankara in his Vivekachudamani says: “Having crossed the ocean of Worldly existence, the Great and Peaceful Ones live regenerating the world like the coming of the spring. They keep others through compassion that seeks no return – to cross it. Their desire is spontaneous. Their natural tendency is to remove suffering of others. The earth is scorched by the fierce rays of the Sun; the nectar-rayed Moon cools it.”

Madame Blavatsky (1831-’91) had a special mission ‘to revive the ancient teaching about the existence of a Fraternity of Perfected Souls,’ whom she called ‘The Masters of the Wisdom’. The Masters ‘by special training and self-purification’ have evolved those higher faculties and attained that Spiritual Knowledge which it will take ordinary humanity many incarnations to acquire.

The Masters are ‘Living Men’. They are Super-Men endowed with powers over Space, Time, Mind and Matter. Both in the Occident and in the Orient, the knowledge about Them had sunk into oblivion. Madame Blavatsky revived this knowledge, elucidated Their influence and the ways of Their workings to help humanity. She reestablished the ‘Guruparampara’ and instituted the system of Chelaship. She exhorted that an enlightened faith in Them will make us strong with the power that flows and shall draw us closure to Them.

This knowledge is not a matter of mere academic interest. It will have immense practical value for us in our daily existence. We can take our evolution into our own hands and with the help and assistance of this Raja-Vidya we can turn to transform ourselves into the Atmic-beings.

The Masters are working through many organizations as also with individuals, without their being conscious of the support and help they are receiving. Their Compassion being infinite, They work both individually and universally. Their assistance can only be hindered by the barriers which we erect, by our lack of knowledge (ignorance).

They ever inspire us to awaken ourselves to recognition of our own dignity and divinity. We can reach to our divine stature through the purity and the knowledge.

The ‘accumulated wisdom of the ages’ is recorded by Madame Blavatsky in her various writings. She explained how They ever drop ideas into men’s minds about the spiritual world; incite us to do good acts. The writings were very elaborate, well documented and authenticated. One may not have the patience, and even time, to go through them in general or greater detail. To have a cursory view of what she desired to communicate to the world, one must go through the following documents and reflect upon them:

The Golden Stairs

The Diagram of Meditation

Ten-point exposition of Oriental Philosophy

The Three Fundamental Propositions

The Three New Propositions and

The Voice of the Silence

She explains the manner and method of manifestation to place the human-being precisely at the center of the cosmos; suggests the progression of human thought and its graded development; the efforts an ordinary human can take upon him/herself when serious of achieving the fulfillment to obtain the Ultimate.

A common man can climb the ladder of evolution and be at the apex of existence — is her assertion. In such an exercise, association with the Great Ones (Mahapurusha samsraya) will be of immense help, consolation and assurance.

We can see a live-example, not to speak of many, one who had practically oriented to the path suggested by Madame Blavatsky, in J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986), and his tiny book At the feet of the Master, followed by many other texts, provides the needed evidence, if at all we need one.